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Lone Star


Meet Lindsey Williams

My name is Lindsey Williams; I am an independent anesthesia provider doing shepherdess duties part-time, with the dreams of becoming full-time. I train my dogs and help others get started in sheep herding. I raise my sheep for selling and training, and two rescue pigs who do tricks. We do farm tours, public speaking at The State Fair of Texas, Herding Demonstrations, and community outreach related to animal husbandry. We also do public events (herding demonstrations, state fairs), sell eggs, and raise chickens and sheep. We have several beehives, and we sell fresh honey from the farm.

Little did I know that breaking my ankle a few years ago would catapult my life in a different direction. I battled Complex regional pain syndrome for two years after ankle surgery. My dogs were my constant companions during this time. I started seeing the effect it was having on them, especially Radar.

Through a random invitation to a sheep herding clinic, I discovered that this was the medicine my dog Radar needed. Within seconds, our lives had been transformed. I went home immediately and was on a mission to fulfill my duties as his dog mom. We were hunting for sheep, and through social media resources, I found a well-seasoned Shepherd named EB Raley. He and I became quick friends, and I was on the road to becoming a shepherdess.

I also have a passion for photography. I love taking pictures of my dogs, birds, and animals.